BONUS VIDEO with resistance bands exercises


Resistance bands and fitness accessories and luxury umbrellas for rain


Fitness exercises with PrimaFIT products improve your workouts and fitness

Everything you need for the perfect workout at home or to complement the workout in the gym


High-Quality fitness products for home workouts - PrimaFIT

You will get access to the Video with 111 exercises with fitness rubber bands for training

Fitness rubber bands for training with 5 degrees of resistance
for training with high resistance 1000x1000

Fitness rubber bands for training with high resistance - PrimaFIT Power Bands

A set of rubber bands for training the whole body in the gym and at home


Mat for yoga and fitness exercises - PrimaFIT

A new generation fitness mat

  • Made from the best material for yoga exercise mats - TPE
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Does not retain unpleasant odors
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-slip material
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Carrying case
  • 6 colors of yoga mats

6 colors suitable for every taste

TPE material with ANTI-SLIP texture provides stability, elasticity, strength and prevents slipping when there is water or sweat

Innovative ANTI-TEAR layer bonding technology, whose function is to provide higher strength and comfort

Practical bag for comfortable carrying over the shoulder
for yoga fitness exercise pilates tpe purple pink 1

Rope carrying case

Luxury gift box

System of 2 high speed stainless steel bearings with only locking mechanism for rope length adjustment

Easy to install and remove 2 pcs. weights of 40 g each

2 pcs. silicone-coated steel ropes with a length of 300 cm

2 pcs. the rope protector
fast jump rope 2 bearings tread 2 ropes 3

Professional Skipping Rope with additional weights - PrimaFIT PRO Speed

The fastest speed rope for jumping with bearings

  • Super high rotation speed
  • Ergonomic and opposing aluminum handles
  • 2 High speed bearings in each handle
  • Extra weights in each handle
  • High-intensity workout for post-workout calorie burning
  • Bag for easy carrying
  • Luxury gift box

Primafit's best-selling sports products


Quality and healthy Royal walk umbrellas

Stable construction in all conditions

Instant drying after rain

Super strong, elastic and windproof construction

Open and close at the touch of a button

Only 31.5 cm when folded
avtomatichen sgavaem damski chadar za dazhd royal walk 102 sm diametar cheren

Automatic folding rain umbrella Royal Walk

The best rain umbrella, combining strength, wind resistance, compactness and low cost

  • Folding umbrella for rain with strong, windproof construction - a combination of aluminum alloy and fiberglass

  • Fully automatic rain umbrella - unfolding and folding with one button
  • Folding rain umbrella with a large diameter of 102 cm

  • Compact size when folded - only 31 cm
best seller amazon 1

The best-selling luxury large umbrella in Europe

The beautiful luxury rain umbrella with wooden handle Royal Walk has repeatedly been named the best-selling umbrella in the category of "straight umbrella" in Amazon in the UK - Germany, Germany, Italy, France and Spain

Luxury rain umbrella Royal Walk
large luxury umbrella for two Royal Walk 76

Luxury large umbrella for rain - Royal Walk

Men's rain umbrella with unique design and style

  • Length 100 cm and coating diameter 120 cm
  • Large umbrella for rain with strong construction of 16 spokes of aluminum alloy and fiberglass
  • Luxurious rain umbrella with a beautiful natural wood handle
  • Large rain umbrella with safe and smooth opening
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Shoulder case

Robust windproof construction with 16 spokes of aluminum alloy and fiberglass

Quick-drying fabric after rain Pongee 210T

Beautiful natural wood handle

Case for comfortable carrying over the shoulder
umbrella Royal Walk 12

Royal Walk's best-selling rain umbrellas


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